Silver-coloured chandelier Dewitt – nine-bulb


Nine-bulb chandelier Dewitt with a silver finish With its numerous teardrop-shaped crystal decorative elements and its curved metal curlicues, the silver chandelier Dewitt has a thoroughly elegant appearance.

Thanks to the nine light sources in total, which have a shape that is reminiscent of real candles, the chandelier can show an imposing size, making it a genuine statement piece in the room.

Elegantly curved metal elements and glass crystals provide a fairytale, festive atmosphere in the room.

Your eyes can hardly get enough of the many romantic and playful design elements.

The chandelier Dewitt can provide an ostentatious and glamorous touch particularly in the living room, but also in the dining room.

Thus, the chandelier Dewitt fits into a luxurious interior design wonderfully.

Energy efficiency class:A++

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