Impressive chandelier Botero, 120 cm


Tasteful chandelier Botero in elegant white Chandeliers evoke associations with a splendid hall or an old castle or villa.

Thoughts of sparkling crystals and delicately-designed, sweeping arms come to mind.

However, Botero proves that the concept of the chandelier is much more extensive than this.

It is neither made of metal nor does it have a particularly delicately designed appearance.

However, this unusual design for a chandelier instills a strong attraction in the viewer.

The light arms made of polyurethane seem to slowly swing outwards, where they open up into wax catchers that hold each light bulb.

In comparison to the overall size of the chandelier, these are surprisingly delicate, but they don’t miss out the harmonious light.

The chandelier shines its light towards the ceiling, which shares it evenly into the room.

Botero – the quality product of a reputable Italian light manufacturer.

Energy efficiency class:A++

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