Gold-plated chandelier CARAT, 12-bulb


12-bulb chandelier CARAT – royal look in gold and crystal The imposing chandelier CARAT with twelve golden lights in the shape of candles is decked out in pure gold.

The design of this chandelier befits a king and is the epitome of preciousness.

In this lighting masterpiece, the utmost sophistication leaves everything commonplace far behind.

The aura of aristocratic festivity becomes tangible.

The arms are artistically curved upwards and are interlocked with the vertical decorative curves in an oval shape.

The stylised drip-catcher for wax candles is made entirely from lead crystal.

This regal chandelier with a 24 carat gold-plated surface is also adorned with cut lead crystals.

They glitter and sparkle when the light falls on them.

Clear transparent candle bulbs should be used to go with the bright crystals.

The 12-bulb chandelier CARAT is the image of magnificent splendour of past centuries and transforms public halls or private luxury rooms into a place of overwhelming and extraordinary exclusivity.

CARAT is a European quality product.

Energy efficiency class:A++

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