Fiore effective chandelier, 15-bulb


Fiore – a dreamy chandelier with rose flowers The Fiore chandelier is a dream in rose and cream.

The two-storey chandelier is decorated with floral embellishments throughout.

While the leaf decorations, along with the frame, are made of metal and decorated with fine golden accents, the rose-coloured, true-to-life rose flowers are made of high-quality, hand-painted bassano ceramics.

Ten lampshades on the lower level and five on the smaller level above produce very pleasant lighting.

The lampshades made of cream-coloured fabric are pleated and finished with an intricate gold edging.

They complete the fine appearance of the Fiore chandelier.

Countless differently-sized crystal elements hang on almost invisible threads and sparkle in the light.

It almost seems as though dew could be dripping down from the fine rose petals.

In the Florentine style, the Fiore chandelier serves as an impressive and striking light source – the centrepiece in any space.

All of the products from this Italian manufacturer are made using high-quality materials, represent a high level of exclusivity and elegance, and lend a luxurious note to any room.

Energy efficiency class:A++

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