Drylight S6 app-controlled chandelier for outdoors


Drylight S6 LED chandelier for outdoor use – controllable via app and with colour change function This Drylight S6 LED chandelier is a true masterpiece, both visually and from a technological point of view.

Produced entirely from clear methacrylate, it only reveals its entire beauty when lit.

In the place where real chandeliers would have held real candles, Drylight features six LEDs hidden behind candle-shaped, satin-finished cases.

And unlike a traditional chandelier, Drylight can shine with all colours imaginable.

Once you have installed the Masiero Smart Light app on your smartphone, available on iOS and Android, the light of this chandelier can be controlled via the app.

As a third option, Drylight can also be integrated into any home automation system operated with DMX, and can then be controlled through this.

Whether in a private space or in the garden of a hotel or another public building, Drylight will create magic in any outdoor space with its unique light show, which can be adapted any time as desired.

The chandelier is equipped with protection class IP65, meaning that it can withstand virtually any weather conditions.

Energy efficiency class:A+

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