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Opulent crystal chandelier Milano in bronze – made by hand The Milano crystal chandelier, from the traditional company Schonbek, is a masterpiece through and through.

It has been made by hand, which not only guarantees that each and every chandelier is unique, but also that it is made with extreme care.

The frame of Milano is made from Italian cast elements, which come in a bronze finish (Florentine Bronze) and feature an intricate engraved pattern.

Numerous Spectra crystals in various shapes and sizes hang from the arms, plates and centrepiece.

This crystal chandelier will provide the right ambience and enchant onlookers with its sparkling light in opulent living rooms, halls or hotels.

Schonbek is synonymous with opulence and extravagance.

This manufacturer has been producing crystal lights, mainly chandeliers, since 1870.

Adolph Schonbek was able to win royal customer straight away: He was awarded the coat of arms from Emperor Franz Joseph I, and this still adorns the Schonbek logo to this day.

The production of crystal chandeliers began in Adolph Schonbek’s home of Bohemia – a region famous for its wonderful glass and crystal products.

After the Second World War, the family emigrated to the United States and has been producing crystal lights, which are regarded as masterpieces around the world, there ever since.

Energy efficiency class:A++

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