ANCONA – divine chandelier, 110 cm


Ancona divine chandelier – pure romance To be able to install this gem, you will require quite a bit of space in the room.

The Ancona chandelier far surpasses any expectations of a simple light source.

The Tuscan manufacturer has really gone all out here, creating a chandelier to resemble those that are usually only seen in a museum.

Here, the Florentine style is entirely at play – the extended swinging struts of the ornamental frame, with their 12 flame-shaped light bulbs, are deliberately reminiscent of a bountiful bouquet of flowers.

The shape then merges towards the centre into a bouquet of imitation roses, which are just as captivating on this chandelier as real roses from the garden.

You could almost describe it as the stuff of fairy tales, and certainly much more than just lighting.

Energy efficiency class:A++

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